Youth Line

Questions You May Ask About Volunteering For The Youth Line

1. What is the Youth Support Line?

The Youth Support Line is a confidential, anonymous phone line peer support service operated by trained youth answering calls from other youth who may be facing some kind of difficulty in their lives.

We also operate an online chat site for youth.

2. Who can volunteer?

People between 16 and 21 years of age may choose to apply to be a youth line counsellor.  Parental consent may be required.

We are looking for mature, stable people who have a real concern for youth and the difficulties they encounter in life, and who are able to look at things from all sides without judgment.

3. What are the hours of operation?

The Youth Support Line is available 24/7 and the online chat site is available every day from 4pm-10pm.

4. What kind of support will volunteers have?

The major support for the volunteers is provided by the Program Coordinator.  There is also a Crisis Centre staff member on call 24 hours a day.  The staff member on-call is available by telephone or cell phone whenever a volunteer wishes to speak with them.  

The Crisis Centre for Northern BC has a few parties for our volunteers during the year and we hold meetings on a regular basis where volunteers can provide suggestions or feedback about the service.  We appreciate their input. Finally, we value the amount of time volunteers donate to the Youth Support Line and reward them as the hours they generously give continue to increase.

5.What kinds of calls will we receive?

Calls will range from simple requests for information to people who, for a variety of reasons, may feel overwhelmed by their life situation.  Quite often these callers simply need to talk.

6. What kind of training do volunteers receive?

All volunteers receive approximately 60 hours of training in peer support techniques.  The training will be taken over a six week period.  You will be taught crisis intervention theory and communication skills that will enable you to handle any kind of call.  You will acquire a working knowledge of our community resources.  There is training to deal with suicidal callers and people with mental health concerns, as well as workshops on a variety of topics.

7. After training is completed, how much time would I be expected to spend on the line?

We expect volunteers to commit themselves to at least one shift per week.   Each shift is two hours long.  All shifts are scheduled between 4:00pm and 10:00pm.The minimum commitment to the Youth Support Line is one year.

8. I want to apply. What happens now?

Please fill out an application form (both sides) and return it to the Youth Support Line.  Applications are available for download on the main Volunteer Information page, on the Upcoming Training page, or you can pick up an information pamphlet and application at the Crisis Centre.  The Program Coordinator will contact you before the next training session and arrange a suitable time for an interview.

9. I can't apply right now. Is there any other way to help?

Yes!  Help us to spread the word.  Let your friends know about the Youth Support Line.  If you have any ideas about how we might publicize the service, let us know.  The Youth Support Line is for you, and your input is valued.

Thanks again for your interest in volunteering.  We hope you are willing to accept the responsibility to participate in this exciting, rewarding program.

If you require any further information regarding the Youth Support Line, please feel free to call (250) 564-5736 and leave a message for the Coordinator to contact you or email

We hope to meet you soon.


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