About Us


The Crisis Prevention, Intervention & Information Centre for Northern BC believes that it is the right of every individual, in their time of need, to have access to free, confidential, anonymous and non-judgmental peer counselling, and/or information and referrals.

Mission Statement

We provide crisis intervention, suicide prevention, resource information, education and confidential peer support for the people of Northern BC.

Value Statements

We believe in non-judgmental, caring and empathic support through peer counselling.

We believe in self-determination and the empowerment of individuals to reach their own decisions.

We value the growth and development of individuals and community.

We value having a collaborative, sharing partnership within our region.

We strive to be a reliable source of accurate information for the region.

We recognize and value the importance of first taking care of ourselves in order to be effective with others.

We value volunteerism and the opportunities it may provide. 

Constitution and Bylaws

This is where the new Constitution and Bylaws will be posted. Please click here to download a copy.



What happens when I call the crisis line?

When you call the Crisis Centre for Northern BC, you will be connected with one of our trained, non-judgmental crisis line workers. We want to support you in whatever you are dealing with and hear how you are feeling. If you like, we can explore your options with you in hopes of developing a plan that you feel ready to use to make changes in your life. Often people feel like they cannot talk with their friends and family about specific things going on in their life. The Crisis Centre for Northern BC is a safe place to talk about those uncomfortable topics, such as suicide, abuse or shame.  


Are calls confidential?

Your call is entirely confidential with the Crisis Centre for Northern BC. We are a safe place to discuss suicidal or homicidal thoughts or abuse and we work very hard to help during each call. We exist to help people so if you intend to harm yourself or someone else, or a minor is being harmed, we will do everything we can to help the person at risk. However, if we are not able to help and only as a last resort, we may need to report identifying information to emergency services to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Crisis line workers may monitor and listen to calls for training and quality assurances purposes only.


Do you have caller ID?

We only use caller ID in emergency situations, such as when a person is unwilling to work with us to ensure their own or someone else's safety.


Do many people call the crisis line?

Yes. In 2015, the Crisis Centre for Northern BC received almost 6,000 calls and chats from people throughout Northern BC and that number is steadily rising.


Will my calls be answered by the same person?

No. We have around 30 crisis line workers who answer the crisis line. If all crisis line workers are on the phones helping people, you may reach our voicemail. We invite you to leave your name and number and we will return your call as soon as a worker is available.


Business Line:  250-564-5736

Sandra Boulianne, Executive Director:  250-564-9658

Email:  executive.director@crisis-centre.ca

Jay Khatra, Program Coordinator:  250-564-9312

Email:  program.coordinator@crisis-centre.ca

Fax: 250-563-0815

Crisis Prevention, Intervention and Information Centre for Northern BC
Fifth Floor, 1600 3rd Avenue
Prince George, BC
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